Current eBook Series: Short Vowel Shorts

Long Vowel Shorts

Coming Soon - in Spring 2014!

Long Vowel Shorts is the second series designed to help children learn, gain confidence, and enjoy reading through short, short stories that focus on one vowel sound each.

Long Vowel Shorts is a series of six phonics books for kids that can help them gain confidence as they learn how to read. The books are designed to be an engaging compliment to word family or phonics worksheets and other reading activities. They don’t contain any sight words, so children who know all their letter sounds but haven’t learned sight words yet can decode and read them, initially with help from a parent or teacher, and then by themselves.

Each story contains only one long vowel sound, so children are only deciphering one vowel sound for the whole story rather than a mix of multiple vowel sounds.

The aim of Long Vowel Shorts is to provide parents and teachers with an option for a phonics step between single letter sounds/word families and short stories that contain sight words and a mix of multiple vowel sounds. Hopefully, being in an illustrated story format, Long Vowel Shorts can be an engaging supplement to word families that will have children gaining skills, confidence, and enjoyment as readers, and saying: “Can I Read-It-On-My-Own?” and then: “I just Read-It-On-My-Own!”