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Short Vowel Shorts Launches Today: Help Your Young Ones Zoom into Reading!

By Tate Johnston on August 2, 2013 in News

I’m so happy to report that my 1st book launched on the iBookstore today!

I have lots of ideas.  Not all of them are great.  Not all the great ones actually make it from idea to 100% completion.

Back in December when I thought I might try to do something more productive with my time than play endless runner games (try completing one of those!), I had no idea of the adventure that I’d go on to get to today.

After some initial inspiration focused on helping my 4 year old not only learn to read, but also to enjoy learning to read, and some initial creativity about the concept, stories and illustrations, I faced multiple learning curves.  Among them: learning about learning to read, intellectual property, such as trademarks and copyrights (both protecting your own and not violating others), ISBNs, print and e-publishing, formatting, creating covers, Apple and Amazon interfaces and agreements, etc.

It has been both fun and challenging (read: frustrating) at times, which, I think, is the point of an adventure after all, about setting out to accomplish something worthwhile.  Learning to read is worthwhile. Ideally, it is also an adventure, both fun and challenging. Today, Fat Cat vs. Bad Bat is 100% complete. Today, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I hope these books will help kids enjoy the fun and the challenge of learning to read, as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something worthwhile.


To celebrate, for a limited time, I’ve discounted the cost of the book more than 50%! Click below to buy now for less than $1!




[image by Terry Whalebone]

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